Book More High-Paying Moves


In this episode of The Moving Mastery Podcast, Louis Massaro shares how to book more high-paying moves in your moving company.

  • “It can be scary to raise your prices during moving season, but when you’re approaching full capacity it’s important to keep pushing the envelope to get paid what you’re worth so that the work you’re doing on a daily basis is profitable.”
  • “During moving season, it can be easy for moving company owners to just be on autopilot going through the motions. After all, it’s busy, and you know it’s going to continue to be busy all summer, right? You’re booked out, things are hectic and moving quickly…”
  • “As your calendar is filling up with booked moves, it’s important to remember to raise your prices to help make every job as profitable as possible.”
  • “Being totally booked out is better than having a completely empty schedule, no doubt about it. However, you don’t want to be in a position where you could be getting more money per job, but you’re not.”
  • Watch the video to get full training.


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