What to Do After Moving Season


In this episode of the Moving Mastery Podcast, Louis Massaro shares what you should be focusing on for the off-season.

You’ll learn:

  • How to get your team to channel their efforts in the right direction
  • Why you need to be focused on the resources you already have
  • What you can do to dial in your plan to scale your business

Moving season is coming to an end and as a moving company owner, there are some things that you’ve got to be focused on right now.

It’s so important that right now in September, we start thinking about what’s coming up and what we’re going to be doing to take advantage of the opportunity when the next boom comes. We can’t be obsessed and be thinking about summer and the busy season that we may have had or we didn’t have this year.

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So moving seasons coming to an end and as a moving company owner, there’s three things that you’ve got to focus on right now. So I want to share these with you because it’s so important that right now in September, we start thinking about what’s coming up and what we’re going to be doing to take advantage of the opportunity when the next boom comes. We can’t be obsessed and be thinking about summer and the busy season that we may have had or we didn’t have this year. We’ve got to start planning for what is coming. So I want to give you three things real quick to get you focused on the right stuff. The first one is focus your resources. What does this mean? So many times I hear from moving company owners who are You know, heading into the offseason and they start to how could I reduce expenses? How could we cut back? What is it that we need to do to, you know, get lean and streamline? And the reality is we just need to channel and focus our resources appropriately. So when we think about our resources, we think about, you know, our our time. Our money, our team, right? The things that we have access to. How do we focus all of that to work for us? As opposed to saying, let’s cut back on this. Let’s cut back on that, right? Think about your marketing budget, for example. I’ll see people cut back on their marketing budget. And I understand the initial instinct because, you know, if, if, you know, you feel money’s tight or, you know, whatever it is, let’s cut back on some big expenses, but it’s about focusing those resources to a place, channeling them to a place that helped make you money. So it might not be time to necessarily just. Cut back on marketing, but it could be time and it should be time to go ahead and actually reallocate those funds to the marketing sources that are actually working right. And if you’ve got trucks, maybe you’ve got to expand your footprint a little bit, expand your territory so that maybe you’ve got eight trucks or whatever it might be, and you’re only going to be running Six in this in the winter time. Well, how do we take the two trucks and then expand your territory out a little bit, covering more space so that you’re utilizing the resources that you have? All right. So number one is think about how you could focus your resources versus looking at it and saying, What is it? You know that I need to pull back on, right? The second one is focus your team. Your team is a valuable, valuable asset, but they need to be focused. You need to focus them. You need to channel their efforts in a direction that brings you the results that you want, and there’s really only two reasons that you ever hire somebody or ever keep somebody, and that is. investment opportunity or freedom value, meaning that their paycheck is a direct investment opportunity to help you get what you want in your business, or their paycheck gives direct freedom value to let you step out of a certain position or role to work on higher level stuff, or to let somebody else on your team step out of a certain position or role to work on higher level stuff, all moving the company forward. Right. People say, Louis, I’ve got all these extra people. What do I do with? Should I should I let them go? Should we have some layoffs? And the first answer is no. Let’s focus their energy. Let’s focus their efforts on some money making activities. Let’s focus them on things that will help free you up to work on the higher level stuff. So we’ve got to focus our team. We can’t just stumble into the fourth quarter kind of not really knowing what we’re doing right. And that brings me to the last point, which is Focus your plan, right? Going out of the off season, or the busy season, is the most important time as a moving company owner. This is the time to really systematize, to stabilize, and to start to prepare to scale. Look, things might have not been the way that you wanted them to be this year. Things were a little bit slower, there were less people moving. But that’s not going to last forever. And you need to be able to develop your plan on how you’re going to adapt and pivot and continue to grow this off season. So I want to invite you to join us in October for the three day moving mastery summit. I’m going to be breaking down not only. What specifically to focus on, but exactly how to implement that, how to incorporate your team so that you don’t have all these people where you’re kind of, you know, if you’ve ever looked at them and to see like the price of their paycheck on their forehead and wonder if it’s worth it to have them there. Don’t have that feeling. Let’s channel them. Let’s get them focused on building the business that you want, building the business that’s going to become the future. And there’s so many exciting changes happening right now. They’re gonna allow you to streamline and automate so much of what you do, reducing a lot of your expenses. If you don’t channel everybody in the right direction that it’s an amazing time and an amazing opportunity. If we’re not focused on Oh, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it was going to be if we’re not focused on, oh, what’s going to happen to the moving industry? Is this the end? Is nobody going to ever move anymore? Look, there’s a temporary situation happening with the Fed trying to squeeze down on inflation and it’s coming to a head. And when that changes and that shifts, you’ve got to be prepared to ride that next big wave. So there’s information down below. Click on the link, get signed up for moving mastery summit. Not only. Are you going to have your plan by the time you leave there and know exactly what to do? You’re also going to know exactly what your team needs to do. I would recommend if you’ve got team that’s involved in running your business with you, bring them. Let’s get them focused in the right direction. And also, How to channel your resources so that you’re not in reaction Trying to, you know, just cut expenses Because that’s the thing when, you know, things might slow down But when people start cutting expenses That’s when they pretty much put themselves Alright, so get signed up down below Moving Mastery Summit, October 12th through the 14th We’re going to be in Scottsdale, Arizona I’ve secured a major discount at the hotel for you To come and join us And here’s what I want to share with you Whatever’s happened so far for you this year. Maybe you’re on the side of the fence where you know your business took a dip. Right. Maybe you’re one of those that’s, you know, forging ahead, regardless of the circumstances, if you want to adapt and you want to be able to pivot to the new way of doing business, there are so many exciting changes happening with A. I. And automation and different technology that’s pretty much revolutionizing this industry. And you don’t want to have an antiquated business that’s just not able to keep up. You need to channel and focus your resources, right? You need to spend the money to come to this event. Right. Look at the ticket prices, figure out what it’s going to take to get there, and get there. Right? What’s it going to cost in the form of how many moves is it going to take to pay for coming there? When you come, you’re not only going to get a plan, right, which we talked about, you’re going to see what the new moving industry looks like, and you’re going to walk away knowing exactly what it is that you need to do. You’re going to hit the ground running, and you’re going to make this fourth quarter count, and you’re not going to sit on the sidelines like a victim saying, Oh. The market, right? If only people were moving, look, people are still moving. Numbers might be down, but they are still moving. And there’s a lot of companies that have already kind of waved the white flag and given up. Don’t be one of those people. Learn the new way to adapt, get signed up for moving mastery summit. We’re going to dive deep into those topics. I hope to see you there, my friend. Get signed up. Hey, my friend, before you go, you’ve got to hurry and watch these next few videos over here. They will absolutely help you take your moving company to the next level.