Moving Company Profit Levers


In this episode of the Moving Mastery Podcast, Louis Massaro shares which areas of your moving business can still make you profits before winter.

You’ll learn:

  • How to take advantage of all the Transaction Points along your customers’ journey
  • Why you must be able to adapt and pivot during the moving industry’s current revolution 
  • What kind of “low-hanging fruit” you may be overlooking right now

Right now, a transformative moment is happening in the moving industry. So it’s important that you are nimble and open to making changes in your business right now. 

You’ve got to keep up with the evolutionary changes going on. Learn how to adapt, pivot, and grow this off-season, watch Moving Company Profit Levers now!

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As a moving company, what are the profit levers that you need to be pulling right now before we get to the fourth quarter that are going to allow you to make more money in your business? You know, if you’ve followed me for a long time, you know I’m all about profit in your business, thrive in your life, but when profits aren’t coming in… We know it’s hard for us to actually thrive in our life. So I want to break this down for you today and give you some examples. And I’ve broken it down into two categories of how you could actually pull these levers to gain the profits, right? Profits aren’t these mysterious things that are hiding out somewhere. There’s specific ways to find them, maximize them and get more of them. So I want to talk to you about just the two categories. The first one is low hanging fruit. Right? The simple stuff that you could be doing right now to bring in more money. So when I think a low hanging fruit, it starts with the different transaction points in your business, right? So a transaction point is any point within your process. Where you could either make money or you could lose money. So, for example, when a lead comes in, right, if you buy a lead online or off your website, or they respond to a DM or whatever it might be, your ability to respond quickly is a transaction point. If you’re able to get that customer on the phone within five minutes, your likelihood of booking that job goes up tremendously. If you’re not calling that customer back, or if that lead sits there, or if you’re missing phone calls, That transaction point is losing you money, right? Then once you get them on the phone and now you’ve got your presentation, now you’re either going to quote them over the phone, you’re going to do a visual survey, you’re going to go out and do an onsite estimate, whatever it might be, your presentation and the way that you speak to them and the way that you either quote them with bullet points and say, all right, let me know what you want to do. Or. The way that you assume the sale. You assume that they’re calling in because they’re looking for a great moving company. I can help them. Let me now roll right into the reservation. Meaning at the end of you giving your presentation to them, you just assume the sale. Alright, you’re all set up. What’s the best email for me to send your confirmation to? Right? That right there alone is going to boost that transaction point, help you make more money. But let’s say you don’t book that job on the first call. Well, what about follow up? So many moving company owners, I hear from them, they’re like, Well, Lewis, I don’t want to be pushy. Right? I gave them a quote. If they’re interested, they’re going to call me back. And I got to tell you, that’s BS. Right? The reality is… Consumers, they appreciate diligence. They want to know that the company that they’re dealing with is there. That the company that they’re dealing with is thinking about them. Not that they have to go chase them down. And people are busy. So when you follow up, it helps. This is another thing that skyrockets profits through that transaction point. Right? So these are just like low hanging fruit. What else is low hanging fruit? Well, what about selling packing on the job? What if you made it a goal this month to sell an additional 50 in packing. You know, if you do 100 jobs a month, that’s 5, 000. That’s 60, 000 a year. And it’s not, you know, putting pillows in a dish pack and calling it packing. It’s about really understanding what you need to explain to the customer in advance. Like, these are the things that need to be packed. If not, we’re going to be able to pack them for you on the day of the move, but also calling them seven days before the move, doing what we used to call as a packing checkup call, which is, how’s it going? I know when we originally spoke, you were going to do all your own packing. What about now? That type of thing, right? So when we think about low hanging fruit, There’s stuff all over the place. Clocking your crews in and out. Making sure you’re getting paid for every dollar that you’re on the job. Right? These are things that are just low hanging fruit. You could start doing them right away. You could add, you know, transaction fees. Accepting credit cards. Like, there’s so much that you could do. It’s just low hanging. Why aren’t you doing it now? Right? The second category is Adapt. Pivot. The reality is this industry is in the middle of a revolution and it is changing due to the fact that we’ve got new advances in artificial intelligence and automation that are making the old way of doing business in this industry antiquated. It’s making it, you know, to where like when I started and I was using the yellow pages and then all of a sudden I’m spending 250, 000 a month in yellow pages. And they stopped working. Why? Because there was something new on the scene, which was internet leads. People were shopping online for services. That, compared to what’s happening now with AI, doesn’t even come close to being able to call that a revolution. Right? So, there’s the low hanging fruit. But then there’s the new way of doing business and this is why I want to invite you to moving mastery summit These are our themes here for the three days adapt pivot and grow. So what does that mean? That means well to adapt is to take what you do now and adapt the new way of doing things into your business Right understanding all the things that could make your job easier Make your systems streamlined make your business simplified, right? This isn’t about introducing complex ideas. This is making everything easier. The things that used to be so hard to do the things that used to take me years to build a 20 million business with systems and processes. Now we could adapt, you could adapt and you could get these things integrated into your business seamlessly. Right? Then pivot. Okay, now that we’ve adapted, now that we learned this, and that’s what we’re gonna do on day one. We’re gonna basically break down how to adapt. What you need to do, give you the action plan, right? You’re going to build the strength, you’re going to build the capabilities, you’re going to see the big picture, and also the tactics of how to do it all. Then on day two, it’s about pivot, right? Okay, now that we’ve got this, now that we know what’s possible, let’s pivot and let’s make sure. That you’ve got it pointed in the right direction that works for you. Where do you want to go? Now that you’ve got these, these new possibilities, now that all of a sudden the overwhelm and the stress and all this feeling of it being so hard isn’t there anymore, we’ve got to pick a direction and you’ve got to go. Right? So day two is all about defining that op, that, that direction. Defining where you’re going to take your business. And, You know what? What do you want to do? Do you want to go open 50 locations? Do you want to just simplify it and let it be a passive form of income? It’s all up to you. That part is unique to you and what you want out of your life. You know, clients come to me all the time and they’re like, Lewis, I want to grow. I want to make more money. Like, all right, that’s great. But what do you want? Talk to me about your day. Talk to me about your your lifestyle. Talk to me about how much money you require individually that we can get out of your business. And then let’s reverse engineer. And then day three is about growing. Day three is about taking your new adaptive processes, these new systems determining what direction you want to go in and then growing seamlessly and easier than it’s been in the past. You know, with, with the new advances in technology, with the changes and the new strategies that we’ve come up with at moving mastery. This business is no longer, uh, reserved for, you know, the big dogs with, with the, you know, that have been in business a hundred years. Like somebody could come in at the entry level right now and make an impact quickly. And here’s the thing, 2023 things were a little slower than they have been. Right? There’s less people moving, interest rates are high, the Fed’s trying to push down inflation. But when that breaks, and it’s going to, there’s going to be a tremendous opportunity and a new surge. And that’s going to be where people are going to be able to surge ahead with this new adaptive approach that it’s going to be easier. It’s going to be more profitable. They’re going to be able to expand faster than they ever had in the past. And you want to be in position to do that. So it’s about looking forward. It’s not, let’s look at the past and oh my goodness, nobody’s moving. And that’s not where you want to be or you want to be watching this video, right? There’s people out there moving companies that, you know, they’ve played the victim this year and are kind of waving the white flag. Like, I think I’m going to give up. This is, this is too hard for me. And I understand that because the old way. In the new world is going to be hard, but once we build the capabilities and we understand exactly what it looks like moving forward, everything changes, right? And this event is all about helping you and your team build the capabilities, right? You’re like, Louis, I don’t know how to do that. Louis, I don’t know anything about technology. I’m not good with computers. I’m not, you know, I don’t understand marketing. I’m not really a salesperson. I just And the reality is this, everything can be learned, right? I was a kid that barely graduated high school that decided to open a moving company and worked out of a truck rental yard and struggled every day to figure stuff out. But I built the capabilities. I learned, I adapted, I pivoted, I grew, I built a 20 million dollar business because I got focused on building the capabilities that I needed to succeed. And all those old capabilities, Help to establish this new path for moving companies to move forward right now. And I want you to be there. I don’t want you to miss this. I don’t want you to have an antiquated business that’s no longer to keep up. I want you to have something that you really love now that you could get excited about. So there’s two ways that you need to be thinking about the profit levers. And that’s number one, go get some low hanging fruit immediately. Right. The second one is come and join me and let me show you how to adapt, pivot and grow October 12th through the 14th in Scottsdale, Arizona, we’ve secured an amazing discount, huge discount for the rooms to get you there and think about this a year from now, where do you want to be? Right? You get to decide that now. And the reality is you’re, you’re tracked to the next level of success. Doesn’t have to be as hard as your first to the first level of success. Click on the link below, get signed up. I’ll see you at moving mastery summit. My team’s here. If you need anything, there’s a link down below. We’ll answer any questions you’ve got. Don’t miss this opportunity. This is going to be a transformational moment for you and your business. I promise you that if not full refund, it’s not about the money. It’s about showing you what’s possible and what’s coming up and how you can seize this next opportunity. I’ll see you there.