The New Marketing Mindset for Moving Companies


In this episode of the Moving Mastery Podcast, Louis Massaro shares his insight on the new way of thinking about marketing for moving companies.

You’ll learn:

  • How to gain more market share during this off-season
  • Why you must pivot away from the old way of doing marketing
  • What you can do to push forward during these slow times

There are going to be a lot of moving companies that fail this winter, thus there are going to be a lot of opportunities for the businesses that are pushing forward and have their way of doing things dialed in. Now is the time to be building strength, building systems, to gain that market share. If you want to catapult your business, this is the time.

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There are going to be companies that fail in the next 6 to 12 months. And the only people that’s going to be in this room are people that just aren’t listening or aren’t going to apply what they learn. But mostly it’s going to be people outside this room. Mostly it’s going to be people stuck in their ways or are newer and just haven’t learned the ways yet, you know, but I think, uh, the hardest part is for the companies that are, um, stuck in their ways.

Right? They just have been doing it so long, they’ve been successful, they’ve got their heels planted, they don’t want to change, they don’t want to do anything. And that’s understandable. I get it. I didn’t want to change from the yellow pages. I didn’t want to have to go and learn marketing. Learn digital marketing.

But it was required. And,

There’s going to be a lot of opportunities. A lot of opportunities. Now is the time to be building strength, building systems, to gain that market share. If you want to catapult your business, this is the time. I mean, who’s heard that, like, the biggest companies are always built, like, in recessions? You guys heard that?

Right? It’s true because everybody else is paralyzed in fear. They freeze. I watched it in 2008. People just froze. And now is not the time to freeze. Now is the time to push forward. Now is the time to pivot away from the things that might not be working to the things that are working. So we could seize the opportunity when unfortunately other companies fail.

Right? It’s just the nature of it. There’s people that get in this business and don’t make it. Right? There’s people that get in this business and they crush it. And then there’s everybody in between. So I want to talk about the required systems. The stuff that you must have. We talked yesterday about… The move acquisition system.

So the move acquisition system consists of two things, right? Marketing and sales. Because there’s really only two things we need to do in this business on a simplified basis, which is book move, service move. Book move, service move. Book move, service move. If we could do that consistently at a profitable rate and have raving fans the whole time, you’re gonna have a great business, right?

And we want the system to do that. And so let’s jump into what this looks like. Let’s talk about marketing first. Everything with marketing comes down to the ROI. The return on investment. That’s it. Because if you’re spending money and you’re not getting a return on that money, you can’t make any money.

Right? So, I literally had to go and learn this stuff. Like, I dove in. I told you guys I’m a student. And like, when it comes to your business, like, I believe in my ability to figure things out. Right? We talked about that. It’s up there somewhere. And, I went and I learned, SEO, pay per click, buying leads, digital marketing, ads, everything that in 2007, 2008 was, you know, starting to roll out.

Probably had been out before, but in moving, nobody was really into it. And at that time, it’s the same thing as right now, many people just resisted. They stuck with those big yellow page payments. They didn’t learn how to do any digital marketing. Why? Because they didn’t know it. And because they didn’t know it, they feared that they wouldn’t be good at it.

Or, I can’t figure that out. That’s beyond, I’m not, I’m not a, I’m not a marketer. Right? What’s a marketer? If you’re in business, you must be a marketer. You must understand the foundation and the principles. So, I spent a ton of money, my first SEO company, I paid them 30, 000. To build a site, set it up for SEO, but I made them teach me along the way, right?

I sat in their office and I understood everything that was going on. Same thing with our pay per click ads. Same thing with direct mail. I started to really break it down and understand, Okay, when we mail this piece, how quick does it get there? Okay. When do we need to mail the piece? Does the piece get mailed when the house is on the market?

Does the piece get mailed when the house goes under contract? When do we do that? How do we do that? How do we get it there quicker? How do we stand out beyond everybody else that’s in their mailbox? So all these other avenues, I was forced to learn it. And here’s what it comes down to, is it comes down to the return on investment.

Once I understood, we built this little report. And it was like, hey, we’re buying leads from all these companies. At the time, we were doing long distance too. So now I needed leads from all over the place. All right, because I had these, which ones don’t book, let’s put a little spreadsheet together so that at the end we could determine which lead is profitable, which lead source is profitable and which ones aren’t.

All right, let me, it’s simple enough, but once we created the report, which I’m going to share with you the metrics for that, that helped me catapult my business, that was right around that time and it was, it was my clear thinking from changing my lifestyle, right, which happened within that, within that year.

Right? From wanting to jump in the water and end it all, to hitting rock bottom and saying there’s got to be a better way, and just doing everything I needed to do to focus on building my life. Because of that, I was thinking clearly. Had I not been in that place, had it been a year before, I don’t know that I would have figured it out.

I don’t know that I would have even, like, had the mental clarity to sit down and go through the process of identifying what we needed. But once I did, that was it. I remember sitting there with my sales manager in our first call center. He started as a rep, worked his way up, eventually became my director of sales.

Now he’s got a very successful business of his own. And it was like, holy shit, look at this. We can see if it works. We’ve got clarity. Like it was, it was, we weren’t doing it, but it was the equivalent of us like jumping up and down and hugging each other. And just like. That’s how it felt. And we scaled to 20 million after that.

Because now, you’re not afraid when someone says, I’ve got a lead. We’ve got leads for you. Yeah, alright. Send them over. I’ll let you know if they work or not. Right? We’ve got the strong sales process. We’re gonna track it all the way through. And we’re gonna know quick if these are for real or these are bullshit.

Right. So instead of saying, no, no, no, I don’t know what to do. Is it this one? Is it that one? Talking to other people? What do you guys do? What do you guys do? And meanwhile, the reality is some stuff works in some cities and it doesn’t work in other cities. Some stuff works for local moves. It doesn’t work for long distance moves.

So it’s good to talk to people. When it comes to marketing, the number one strategy is ROI based marketing. That’s it. You’ve got to know to return. If you don’t know to return, nothing else matters. That’s the foundation of all your marketing.

I’ve got a client, uh, a member of our mastermind that is in the room, and when I started working with him, he was doing, um, I want to make sure I get the math right, he was doing 3 million a year and spending 50, 000 a month in marketing, okay, 50, 000 a month in marketing, so you know, he was going for it, right?

But the return just wasn’t there. First thing we did was we set up the marketing ROI report. We started tracking everything for them to see what was what. Based off the information, I’m going to show you how we do this too. Based off what we saw, we were able to reallocate the funds, basically take the stuff where you see each marketing source on a spreadsheet, and you see the ROI percentage, and it’s like, that is there?


right? So if you’ve got too much going to marketing, you’re never going to make any money. Right? So you’re basically paying too much to go do a move. And so, we reallocated, we readjusted it, we took his marketing from 50, 000 to 25, 000 a month, cut it in half. Guess what, guess what happened to his sales?

Just about, 5. 8 million. Almost doubled. Now, that was coupled with the sales process, which we’re going to get into as well. Well, you’ve got to get number one of the how to thrive in any economy was fuel it with profitable marketing. That’s how you fuel it. If you’re pouring garbage in, it’s not going to work.

And if you’re pouring great marketing in, but you don’t have the sales process, it’s not going to work. They’ve, they’ve got to work together. Combined is the customer acquisition system.