How to Manage Sales in Your Moving Company


In this episode of The Moving Mastery Podcast, Louis Massaro shares how to manage sales in your moving company.

  • “If you’re spending money on marketing and you’re not maximizing it through proper Sales Management, it’s really cutting into your profitability.”
  • “Whether it’s you, someone you need to hire, or somebody already in your company that you need to promote… Someone must wear the Sales Manager’s hat.”
  • “Sales Manager is a role in your moving company that someone needs to own. Because your sales and leads are just too delicate of a thing to leave up to chance. They need to be managed by a proactive position in your business.”
  • “Lead providers, Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc… All these different places where a potential customer could end up. And it’s your Sales Manager’s job to make sure your company gets those leads and get them booked to maximize your marketing spend.”
  • Watch the video to get full training.


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