Increase Profits: Tighten Up Your Moving Operations

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In this video, Louis Massaro shares how you can be increasing profits (or losing money) based on how you’re running your moving companies operations.

  • Moving crew management: “Have you ever caught movers working off the clock?”
  • Equipment management: “Have you ever had a customer call and say the movers left a dolly here? Think about all the customers that didn’t call to say they left a dolly here.”
  • Money management: “Do you reconcile the bank account every single month or do you assume because the dispatcher closed out the job the money is in the account?”
  • Customer satisfaction: “When you get 5-star reviews it helps your conversion rate. It’s much easier to sell when you’re 5-stars on Yelp.”
  • Claim reporting: “Figure out what’s getting damaged, who are the people damaging it, pull them aside and say let’s teach you how to handle these flat screens, let’s teach you how to handle these glass tops and marble tops.
  • Watch the video to get the full training.


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