Prioritize Moving Leads to Book More Moves

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In this video, Louis Massaro explains the importance of prioritizing moving leads, which leads should be called first, and how that leads to increased sales.

• “Which lead do you call first on a Monday morning? The lead that came in Saturday night or the lead that came in at 9am Monday morning? The lead that came in Monday morning.”

• “Call new leads within 5 minutes of receiving them.”

• “In order to properly manage your leads, you need to have them ALL in a central place, your CRM software. Otherwise, they start slipping through the cracks and you lose opportunities.”

• “When a sales rep quits or is fired, redistribute their leads to someone else immediately.”

• “When the phone rings, you don’t let it ring and ring. But when we get internet leads, why do we allow them to sit there without an immediate response? Treat your leads like they are ringing phones and you and your team will stop letting them sit there without a response.”

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