Top Moving Lead Providers for Moving Companies


In my past posts, you’ve heard me talk about moving leads and how I’m a believer in buying leads from third-party moving lead providers. I realize that they don’t convert as well as leads from your website, PPC campaigns, direct email or any other form of marketing — but they can still be profitable. So who are the top moving lead providers for moving companies?

Top Moving Lead Providers for Moving Companies:

  1. Equate Media – What I like most about Equate Media is the quality of their leads. They run them through a filtration system which really helps cut back on the “bad leads” to deliver you more quality leads. I also like that you’re not competing with as many moving companies as other lead providers, with Equate Media you only compete with a maximum of three other moving companies.
  2. – What I like about leads is the filters that they allow you to put on the leads. So if you only want larger moves you can filter out the smaller moves. If you need backhauls on your interstate moves from areas that are part of your regular route, you can buy leads from those areas of moves that are moving back to your local market.
  3. Quote Runner – With Quote Runner being one of the newer moving lead providers, they’re still producing quality leads. In some markets, they may not be able to provide a ton of leads, but that’s ok if they’re quality leads that produce a good return on investment.
  4. Move Matcher – What I like about Move Matcher is that instead of sending you a request for moving estimate lead, they’ll send you a phone call which is great. So instead of having to call out to leads, you’re receiving phone calls from customers that want to get an estimate.

Other good moving lead providers to test out:

If you have the people in your moving company that can pick up the phone and make the calls, then I would recommend you try some of these moving lead providers and test them out.

Will they work for you? I don’t know, I don’t know you personally or know what type of sales process you have. All I know is that I’ve made a ton of money off of moving leads and so have my clients.

So if you feel confident in your ability to manage the leads, give a great sales pitch and follow-up, then they’re worth testing out. Some moving lead providers have great leads in certain markets but not in others. Start small and try them out. Remember, with all marketing you need to test, track and tweak to see what is profitable and what’s not.

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Full Transcript
[The following is the full transcript of this episode.]

Hey, my friend, it’s Louis Massaro, CEO of Moving Mastery and founder of Moving Sales Academy. Are you buying moving leads? Are you buying leads from third-party lead providers? If you’ve seen my video in the past, on buying moving leads to book more moves, you know that I’m a fan of moving leads. I think that they definitely have their place, for moving companies to be able to increase the amount of moves that they book. I understand that they don’t book at such a high conversion rate, as a lead that might come from your website, or from a direct mail campaign, or from a Google AdWords campaign. I realize that you may have to call more of them to get them to convert, but they’re profitable.

If you have the systems in place, if you have the processes in place to be able to actually make the dials, and call out to the leads, and you know what to say, they can definitely be a profitable source of business, and it can be an easy entry point for a lot of people to get started. I recommend leads for anyone that has the ability to make the calls. If you have one, two, 20 people in your office, and you have the ability to make dials, buy moving leads. Put ’em through your system and see what the ROI is on ’em. But you know that already. I’ve talked about that in a previous video. I think it’s called “Buy Moving Leads and Book More Moves.” You could do a search for it and find it. I go through how to actually work the leads to help convert them better.

However, in this video, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about, “What are the top lead providers? If I was to only pick a few, ’cause there’s so many out there, but if I was gonna only pick a few to start with, which moving lead providers would I start with?” So I wanted to go ahead, and share with you a few here, and give you the reasons why these would be my pick. Outside of traditional forms of marketing, and other things that you might be doing with your website, and pay-per-click, and direct mail, and Yelp, and Yellow Pages, and whatever else, I’m just gonna talk about moving lead providers, and which ones are my top picks.

And the reason that I know this, is not only from my years in business, but it’s also all of the people that I work with every single day, and all the companies that I work with every single day, and the feedback that I’m able to get from them, and my coaching clients, and the members of my Moving Mastery monthly program. And it’s really something that, it shifts, because certain lead providers have done really well, and then their lead quality falls off. They start to try to overextend themselves and get more leads, because they have more demand. So they try to go out there and find leads wherever they can, to be able to fill that demand, which is moving companies wanting to buy those leads. And what happens is, the quality goes down, and they stop working. I wanna share with you the leads that are working, that you could start applying, you could buy, and it’s not the same in every market. You’re still gonna need to test, track, and tweak. For those of you who’ve watched my videos, you know that with every marketing source, you need to make sure you know the marketing ROI. If you know the return on investment, you should not be afraid to try the lead source, and see if it works, test it out, track it, and tweak it.

The number one lead source that I would try, as a moving company, would be Equate Media. What I like about Equate Media, is that their leads are… They really run ’em through a really good filtration system, meaning they don’t send you the bad leads that a lot of moving lead providers will send you, and they run it through a process, to where it really helps to filter out bad leads, to make sure what they send you is good. What I also like, is you’re not competing with as many moving companies. They don’t send their leads to… I don’t know the exact number, based on the plan that you would get, but they don’t send them to as many other moving companies, as a lot of lead providers do. So this would be my first pick,

Second, is another high-quality lead provider. These are from the same people that own There’s a lot of filters that you could put on these leads, to where if you only want leads over a certain weight, or over a certain size, or only going from one state to another state, or to be able to get back-halls from one state back to your state, you could put a lot of filters on these. definitely provides high-quality leads. I would check them out too.

Third is QuoteRunner. QuoteRunner is kinda the new kid on the block, but because of that, their lead quality is still really good, and a lot of markets, and a lot of companies that I talk to, they’re not producing a ton of leads, but the leads that they’re producing are good quality leads. It doesn’t hurt to start getting those leads coming in, booking them, ’cause remember, it’s all about the ROI. So I would definitely check out QuoteRunner as well.

And the last one that I would have to talk about on this recommendation would be Move Matcher. What I like about Move Matcher, is Move Matcher actually will send you phone calls. Unlike the other lead providers that send you a lead, an internet lead that you then have to call, Move Matcher will actually send you a live call from the customer. And because of that, that’s what really differentiates them. I would definitely try them out as well.

These are my top pics for moving leads. You got You have,, and If you’re not a believer in moving leads, I don’t wanna push you to do it. But if you have people that can actually make the calls and make the dials in your office, get yourself some moving leads. You’ll get good return on your investment. But you have to understand, they’re not gonna convert at the same rate that a lead right off your website would. They’re not gonna convert at the same rate as a phone call that comes in from a customer, that said they heard about you from their neighbor. There’s a little more work involved. And if you’re putting ’em through a good sales process, it doesn’t seem like as much work, and you’ll be able to start really bringing in more moves. I’ll go ahead and I’m gonna list some more down in the notes below. I’ll give you the full list of moving lead providers, but these are my top picks. If you’re not using any of these, I would start right away.

I hope that was helpful. Until I see you next time, go out there every single day, profit in your business, and thrive in your life. I’ll see you next time.