Set Your Moving Company’s Dispatcher Up For Success

3 Ways To Give Your Dispatcher The Support They Need

If you asked me what the most important position in a moving company is, I’d have to argue that it was the dispatcher. Your dispatcher is responsible for making sure all of your moves go smoothly. That’s a big responsibility to take on every day. Make sure that you set your moving company’s dispatcher up for success.

For the first couple of years of starting my moving company, I was dispatching the trucks myself and then along side my first dispatcher. I knew how important it was and that it made all the difference in how successful the day’s moves went. I know how stressful it can be, I know all of the things that a dispatcher has to deal with on a daily basis. That’s why I always make sure to give all my dispatchers the tools, processes, and support they needed to be successful, you should do the same.

Here are 3 ways to help set your moving company’s dispatcher up for success:

  1. Detailed notes when booking the move – A successful move all starts with great internal communication within your company. It’s all about understanding the customer’s needs and expectations and then getting that information to everyone that will be involved in the move. Most of the time when the customer is setting up their move they are only speaking with the moving consultant (sales person). It’s crucial that the sales person takes really good notes about all of the details about the move and puts those notes in your company’s CRM.
  2. Scripted confirmation call on every move – Now that all the information is in your CRM, your dispatcher has a starting point to see what it’s going to take to perform a successful move for the customer. Just to be certain that all the information is correct and nothing else is needed, the dispatcher should call the customer one or two days before the move to confirm all the details. This is a great opportunity to do one final check to make sure you understand the unique details about each move so that you send your crews out prepared.
  3. Give the movers a move detail sheet – Now that that dispatcher has a good understanding of what’s needed on each move, they have to pass that information to the ones actually performing the move, the movers. Each morning the movers should be given a move detail sheet for every move. This will show them exactly what is needed for that move and what the customer’s expectations are. Even if you don’t have a CRM that prints a move detail sheet you can write one up. Even if it’s a sticky note that you put on the contract for each move.

Remember, if you want your moves to go smoothly and want your movers to be happy you need to set your dispatcher up for success. Give them the tools they need. Train them on exactly how you want things done. And be there to support them in whatever they need.

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