Misconceptions About Sales By Moving Companies

What Your Customers Really Want

Selling is a crucial piece of any business. Without a consistent flood of new customers, your business will constantly be struggling to survive. The problem is some people have the wrong idea about sales and what it means to have an effective sales operation in their moving company. In this post, I’m addressing four misconceptions about sales by moving companies. It’s important to have a good relationship with sales and how it relates to your company.

Misconceptions about sales by moving companies and what your customer really wants:

  1. Your customer wants a professional to lead them to the right decision – There is a difference between being pushy and taking someone by the hand and leading them to the right decision. Your customers don’t know what they need, whether they need two men or three, or what type of packing material they need. All they know is they want a cost effective move and a reliable company that isn’t going to damage their stuff. You have to believe that your company is the best option for them to do business with and then lead them to that decision.
  2. Your customers are looking for the best value, not price – It’s not all about price, it’s about the customer’s perceived value that they place on your company’s services. To charge more money for your moves you have to show why it’s worth it to pay your company more than the competition.
  3. Your customers want to do business with someone they like and trust – During the sales process, it’s important to build rapport with the customer. You want to be a professional that is able to answer all of their questions and provide solutions to their unique moving needs. Just by doing that alone you are starting to build trust and rapport.
  4. Your customers appreciate diligent follow-up – One of the biggest misconceptions about sales is that customers don’t like “pushy” sales people. This causes companies to take the stance of “if they want to move with us, they’ll call us back”. Nothing can be further from the truth. When you don’t follow up with potential customers you’re telling them that you don’t really care if you get their business. People want to do business with companies that want their business. When follow-up is handled in an elegant way customers appreciate it, they don’t see you as being pushy they see you as being diligent.

People love to be sold, they hate to be pressured. There’s a big difference. In the moving business, you have to remember that your customer is in need of your service. They’re going to move, it’s either going to be with your company, the competition or they’ll do it themselves. You’re not trying to “sell” them something they don’t need. You’re not a telemarketer trying to sell them a vacation. You’re providing a service, remember that.


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