5 Keys To Hiring Movers for Your Moving Company

Don't Let a Shortage of Movers Keep Your Company From Growing

You can put all the systems and processes in place, have the best marketing and sales team but if you don’t have good movers, you can’t have a successful moving company. The challenge for many companies is finding good movers. Even if they have a group of great movers, they need more to be able to grow and take on more jobs. So how do you go about hiring movers when you need them? It all starts with making hiring movers for your moving company a priority.

5 Keys To Hiring Movers for Your Moving Company

  1. Make hiring movers a priority – It seems like commons sense, right? If a shortage of movers is what is holding you back from growing your company then you need to get serious about solving the problem. Are you focusing on hiring as much as you’re focusing on sales and marketing? You’ll find that once you make it a priority you’ll be able to hire all the drivers and helpers you need.
  2. Create a Mover Recruiting Process – Once you decide to make it a priority and that you are going to solve the mover shortage problem once and for all, you need a process behind it. By establishing a Mover Recruiting Process, you’ll have a roadmap to follow whenever you need to hire. This will include everything from your employment ad to your onboarding process and everything in between.
  3. Train your movers – Too often when companies are hiring movers they are looking for someone with “previous moving experience”. There are a few problems with that approach. First, just because someone worked at another company does not mean they are truly an experienced mover. Second, you are drastically reducing your number of potential candidates for the position. If you have a training program in place, you could hire someone who has the qualities of a great employee and then train them on how to be a mover.
  4. Reward your movers for a job well done – It’s not all about hiring movers, you want to keep the good ones working for you after you hire them. Set up a bonus program that rewards your movers for getting positive reviews as well as having no claims. Not only will this improve employee morale and make them want to stay with your company, you’ll also have happier customers from your movers making an extra effort.
  5. Make your company a great place to work – When your movers feel that your company is a great place to work not only will they stay with you, they’ll tell their friends about you too. Word spreads very quickly in the mover community and you want the word on the street to be that your company is the place to be.

When customers call to hire your company they don’t really care about your back-end systems and all the important people that play a role in their move. All they are concerned with is that the movers that show up to their home are going to do a great job.

Make hiring a priority.

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