Are You Spot Checking Moves?

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In this video, Louis Massaro explains why you should be going out to the job site and spot-checking moves in your moving company.

  • Spot checking moves is crucial to ensure the quality of your operations.”
  • Sometimes we forget that the frontline of our business is our movers. They’re the ones that go out there, they do the move. That’s the service that we’re selling, that’s the service that we’re providing.”
  • Make yourself a checklist for the things you want to make sure get done consistently on every move.”
  • Use spot checks as an opportunity to show the customer that, as a company, you’re there for them.”
  • Make sure you acknowledge good work. It doesn’t have to be a big courageous act, just acknowledge the things that you asked them to do that they’re doing. It shows that you’re paying attention and it shows that you care.”


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