How Your Identity Is Preventing Your Success

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In this video, Louis Massaro explains the importance of your identity when it comes to reaching the next level of success in your moving company.

  • Your identity and the beliefs you have about yourself in certain areas are holding you back from reaching that next level of success in your business.
  • My identity when it came to working was that, “I’m a hustler, I’m going to put in the work that no one else is willing to do.” And that’s essentially the results that I got. I identified myself as hustler, so what did I do? I hustled. Day in, and day out. Because that’s what I believed I needed to do to be successful.”
  • “But, I also had a mindset that I was going to be a millionaire mover. That I already was a millionaire mover. That I was going to make millions of dollars in this business before I had any money.”
  • I’m a big believer that we’re not stuck in any type of mindset or beliefs that we’ve had, maybe since we could barley walk, and we just grew up with these beliefs. We grew up in an environment with these beliefs. And those beliefs to this point now have shaped your identity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t shift those beliefs.”
  • You are where you are today because of the beliefs you have, and because of the identity you have for yourself.”
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