7 Pillars of Moving Company Marketing Success

Where You Should Focus When It Comes To Marketing

With so many things to focus on when running your moving company, it’s helpful to have a set of guiding principles or “pillars” to remind you what’s important for each department. Marketing is no different. The problem is that marketing is constantly changing, what works today may not work tomorrow. That’s why I created a list of the key areas and where you should focus when dealing with marketing for my moving companies. Here’s my list, 7 Pillars of Moving Company Marketing Success.

7 Pillars of Moving Company Marketing Success

  1. Know Your Marketing R.O.I – This is the foundation for everything. If you don’t know your return on investment for every marketing source you have, then you can’t make good decisions on where to spend your marketing dollars. You have to know what is working and what is not so you can make adjustments to maintain profitability.
  2. Diversify Your Marketing – Once you know your numbers and how well each source is performing then you will feel confident to try new forms of advertising. You can try sources out, track to see if they are working and then make adjustments accordingly. But remember, what works today may not work tomorrow. So don’t put all your eggs in one basket and always know your numbers.
  3. Cultivate Your Online Presence – In the modern day of marketing, your online reputation is just as important as anything else. When a customer “Googles” your company’s name, what do they see? What does page-one of Google look like? Are there areas you can improve?
  4. Content is King – You need to be putting out fresh content on a regular basis. This means blogging, posting to social media and shooting videos. This will help drive business to your company as well as provide value to new and existing customers.
  5. Join the Community – When you get involved with your local community, you’ll find that people are eager to refer business to you. Volunteer for a local charity, sponsor a local sports team, join the chamber of commerce and network with realtors to increase your local presence.
  6. Trust & Capture – The purpose of all of your marketing is to build trust with prospective customers and capture leads. You build trust in the way your marketing is designed and worded and you capture leads by receiving requests for estimates and phone calls. Design all of your marketing around building trust and capturing leads.
  7. Create Raving Fans – When you focus on creating raving fans, you will get more repeat and referral customers. When you have more repeat and referral business you spend less money on marketing and your profits go up.

There are no “magic bullets” in marketing. You have to be able to try different sources and then track them to see what works. Once you know what’s making you money and what’s not, you can make adjustments. That’s the key. Testing, tracking and tweaking. Follow these 7 pillars for your moving company marketing success.

You can find a list of different moving company marketing sources in my eBook “10 Rules of a Profitable Moving Company”. Download your FREE copy HERE.


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Full Transcript

[The following is the full transcript of this episode.] 7 Pillars of Moving Company Marketing Success

Hey, my friend, it’s Louis Massaro, CEO of Moving Mastery and founder of Moving Sales Academy. Have you ever struggled to figure out where you should put your focus when it comes to marketing for your moving company? You know, I believe that in all areas of your business you need certain principles that you always come back to, that are just kind of the guiding light for what you do in that particular department. All right, so what I want to do is share with you the Seven Pillars of Marketing Success for moving companies. These are the same Seven Pillars that I use what I’m figuring out what I need to do in marketing next and what the come back to, because there’s really so much out there that could distract you, so many new leads sources, so many new opportunities, you see your competition doing this or that. And you know, it becomes overwhelming, so you need to have a core set of principles that you come back to to remind yourself what’s really important to be focused on.

So let’s start with number one which is: Know your marketing ROI. All right, you have to know how much return on investment each particular source of advertising is bringing. All right. For every piece of marketing that you do, for every lead source, for every you know, Google ad words, for this lead provider or that lead provider or if you’re advertising on the side of a billboard or you’re doing a yellow page ad, whatever it is you have to know the exact ROI, return on investment for each individual source. All right.

Number two is: Diversify your marketing. Once you know the numbers, once you know what’s profitable, what’s not profitable, make sure that you are trying different sources, that you’re tracking them, that you’re seeing what’s working, what’s not working, what’s profitable, what’s not profitable. And you diversify it. Right, if you need to list the lead sources that you haven’t already downloaded the 10 Rules of a Profitable Moving Company I’m offering it for free on my web site. Go and download it. I’ll put a link down below. There’s a whole list of different leads sources and marketing sources that you can try out if you’re not already.

And number three is: Cultivate your online presence. This is so important. What I want you to do is I want you to take the name of your company and I want you to put it in Google. And take a look at everything that shows up on PAGE ONE. That’s what your customers seeing when they check you out, make sure you cultivate that. Make sure you work on getting that first page of Google looking really, really good. Your online presence in this day and age is just as important as any marketing that you’re doing, because if not you’re spending money on marketing, your customers or checking you out and if they don’t like what they see, they’re going to go with somebody else. All right, so cultivate your online presence.

Next: Content is king. If you’re not already blogging, if you’re not doing social media, if you’re not putting out videos you need to be doing that. All right. This is a day of, you know, we’re in a, we’re in an information age. This is, you need to be putting out content, you need to be putting out information that’s going to help your customer A: Find you. And also provide value to your customer, right? Packing tips, how to prepare for your move, all kinds of different information that’s going to help your customer find you online and then provide value. Content is king.

Next: Join the community. Get out there, network with the Chamber of Commerce. Right, join the Chamber of Commerce, start volunteering at charity organizations, right. We used to give out, every single year, we used to go give out turkeys in under privileged neighborhoods. Right, we used to take our trucks, load them up as part of a charity organization and go give them out to families. Right. Christmas time we would donate trucks and drivers for Toys for Tots to go deliver toys. Right. Become part of the community, sponsor a little league team, get out there and you know, let the people that you interact with on a regular basis know what you do. They’re going to refer you business.

Next: Focus on trust and capture marketing. All right. Every time you do a marketing piece, every time you put together a Web site, every time you put together an ad, you know, focus on two things. Building trust and capturing the lead. That’s it. Right. That’s all your advertising is for, that’s all, you know, marketing is all about bringing in more business. How do you bring in more business? You build trust and you capture the lead. Right. So you know you need to make sure that you give off that feel that you’re saying things in your advertisement that’s building that trust and then you set up your web pages, that you set up your direct mail ads, everything in a way that’s going and capture leads at a high rate.

And the last one: Create raving fans. This is marketing. All right. This is not just operations this is not just doing a good job. This is marketing. Every time you create a raving fan, a customer that is so excited about the service they had from your company, they’re going to leave you a five star review, which helps your online presence. They’re going to tell their friends, they’re going to tell their family, they’re going to use you again, Repeat referral business drives down your marketing costs. This is what makes you very profitable. Repeat and referral business by creating raving fans. All right. These are the Seven Core Pillars of move marketing success, all right. Everything within your marketing lies within one of these seven. So whenever you’re overwhelmed, whenever you see all these different options out there of what you should be working on, what you should be doing. Come back to these seven. All right. Make sure you know your ROI. Make sure you’re diversified your marketing. Make sure you’re cultivating your online presence. Make sure you’re putting out good content. Making sure you’re involved in the community. All your marketing pieces should build trust and capture lead. You should be creating raving fans by doing a great, outstanding job for your customers.

This is the core of it. This is what’s going to help you propel your business to that next level. All right. Again if you need a list of marketing sources download the 10 Rules of a Profitable Moving Company. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below. I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. Until next week, until I see you next time, go out and profit in business, thrive in life. I’ll see you later.

7 Pillars of Moving Company Marketing Success