Moving Company CRM Software Benefits

Plus a List of Moving Company CRM Software Companies

I’m really surprised how many moving companies out there are not using a moving company CRM software to run their business. CRM which stands for customer relationship management is a software designed to keep your business organized. In the moving business, there are many moving parts so it’s crucial that you have a centralized place for all your customer’s information. So if you’re on the fence about getting a moving company CRM software, here are 10 benefits that will help you decide.

Benefits of Having a Moving Company CRM software :

  1. Central place for move data – This will help organize your whole company. Even if you’re a one man show, you need a place to have all the information about your moves. Even if you don’t care about reporting now, you will as you grow and you’ll want this data.
  2. Internal communication and notes – When a job is being booked it’s crucial that you take good notes on the customer’s desires and what is unique about their move. Then when dispatching the move you will have all the notes on the job record to keep your internal communication seamless.
  3. Automated & canned emails – When you receive new leads you want to have an email being sent automatically to that potential customer. You also will have a set of prewritten emails that you will send over and over to different customers. Your CRM can take care of all that for you.
  4. Reporting & Metrics – This is HUGE! In order to grow your company and increase profits, you need to know exactly what is going on. Your numbers are going to tell you that. Your CRM will give you clarity into all areas of your business and how they are performing.
  5. Payroll & commission – When you close out a move in your CRM, it will automatically calculate your payroll for your movers. It will also calculate your sales team’s commissions.
  6. Lead management – You MUST have a centralized place for all of your leads. From here you’ll be able to keep track of follow-up and make sure you’re on top of every opportunity.
  7. Operations management – You’ll be able to view your entire move schedule, dispatch moves, process payments, send invoices and more.
  8. Storage billing – Once you already have a customer in your CRM and they come into storage, you can start billing them right away. You can also take care of all your invoicing and payments as well.
  9. Status and history of moves – There are many times when you need to see the history of what happened with a move like when you first received the lead, what their original estimate was, what their estimate was after they made changes to their inventory, if they moved with you before, who the crew was on the move and more. There are so many times that it will be really helpful to refer back to the history of a move.
  10. Claim and complaint management – No one wants to get a claim or a complaint, but they happen. And when they do you need to keep them organized so you can resolve them. You’ll also be able to run reports to see which movers are causing the claims and complaints.

Are you convinced that you need a moving company CRM software yet?

Here are some moving company CRM software companies to check out:

I’ve used different moving company CRM software programs over the years and even built my own custom software. Check them all out and see which one is the right fit for your needs.

I am a partner in SmartMoving and actively working with the development team to implement features that help moving companies run more efficiently and profitably. 

Am I missing any good ones? Leave me a comment if you have software recommendations for movers.

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Full Transcript

[The following is the full transcript of this episode.]

Hey, my friend, it’s Louis Massaro, CEO of Moving Mastery and founder of Moving Sales Academy. Are you using a CRM to manage your business? I’m so amazed at how many moving companies out there are not using a CRM. This is crucial to the success and growth, organization, reporting, everything. You must have a CRM in your business and there are so many affordable solutions now that it just, there is no reason that you shouldn’t have it. You get a CRM for as little as 100 bucks a month. Right. So if you don’t have one I want to give you 10 Reasons Why You Must Have One. Hopefully, encourage you to go out sign up and start getting yourself organized with a CRM. First reason is it’s a central place for all your data. All right all your information will come into one place and you’re going to have all your data in one spot. All your move data and your lead data is crucial to be able to report on that information to be able to look at statistics to see what your trends are. You have to have your data and you need it in a centralized place. Right.

Second reason. Internal communication and notes. Everything that you need to know about each and every move needs to be in that particular move order within the CRM so that everyone in the company that has to deal with that move knows exactly what they need to do. Right. So when the sales person speaks to the customer they put the notes in the system, when dispatch gets ready to send out the truck they know exactly what the customer is expecting based on those notes and they can prepare the movers for the move. Third automated and canned e-mails. When a lead comes in it can automatically send out an email to your customer and then all the emails that you send on a regular basis, that you type over and over again, you can set them up as what’s called a canned email to where each and every customer, you can send them the same email just by clicking and picking which email you want to send, and send them that email. This is a huge time saver and this one is huge, I mean, for me, this is one of the most important reasons why you must have a CRM. Reporting and metrics, all right. Everything about knowing your numbers, you need to know where you stand. You need to know exactly where you’re at and a CRM is going to help give you all the metrics and all the numbers and all the reports that you need to manage your business effectively.

This one is just so convenient. Payroll and commission. Right. The CRM is going to know which mover was on the job. At the end of the week you’re going to be able to click a button and generate payroll for your movers. All right. Same thing with the commission for your sales team. It’s going to know who booked that job, it’s going to know what their commission rate is, you’re going to be able to run a commission report so you know what to pay them. This is so convenient.

Lead management. This is huge, you have to be able to manage your leads, if you don’t have a CRM I don’t know how you’re doing it. If you’re buying leads, you’re receiving phone calls, how you’re actually following up, how you’re actually staying on top and making sure that you get them on the phone in the first place. And then after you give an estimate, that you’re following up with them. Your CRM is going to help you do this. Operations Management. Right. Everything in dispatch from a move calendar to be able to see all the moves you have already booked, to being able to dispatch the jobs and route the jobs effectively, to knowing which trucks are on the job, to which movers are on the job. This is so important, you can even run credit cards through your CRM.

Storage billing. Billing all your storage customers. This is, I mean, if you’re not using a CRM to do this and you’re doing it manually, you’re really, really missing out. It just makes it so easy.

Status and history of all moves. Right. Each and every move will have a log of everything that happened with that move, when they first initially called you, the first time you moved them. The second time you moved them. When they moved into storage, and when they moved out of storage, you can know everything there is to know about that customer so that you know how to treat that move. Very important.

And then the last one. Claim and complaint management. Right. If you’re getting claims and complaints you need an effective way to manage those so they are on top of them to be able to resolve them. And so that you know what are the cause is of those complaints, and you could run reports on them. All of this stuff you could essentially run reports on. And listen, these are only ten reasons. There’s such cheap solutions out there for CRM’s that if you’re not using one, don’t even hesitate, don’t even watch the rest of this video. End it now, go research some CRM’s, I’m going to put some resources down below and get yourself signed up, all right? Don’t be afraid of the technology because it’s not, it’s so user friendly. And so, you know, just, common sense. Right. It’s, there’s really easy solutions out there, cheap solutions. If you’re not using one please start. It’s going to make a world of difference in the effectiveness, the efficiency of your company, growing your company, being organized and just being on top of stuff. Right. If you have any questions, as always, leave them down below. And until I see you next week, go out and profit in business thrive in life. I’ll see a later.

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