The Top 1% of Moving Companies’ Secret Weapon


In this episode of The Moving Mastery Podcast, Louis Massaro shares his thoughts on the mindset of the moving industry’s top 1%.

  • “With every circumstance that happens in our business, we have an opportunity to do one of two things; accept it or take action. That’s it. And the top 1% of moving company owners all know how to do this to a level where they can build a business that thrives regardless of what’s going on around them.”
  • “What’s the number one thing that separates the top 1% moving company owners from everybody else? Mindset. They think differently about their business. They are clear about their role in the company and they understand how the business affects their life.”
  • “As moving company owners, everyone has access to the same lead sources, the same marketing, the same information, right? But the top moving company owners have a different perspective, a small shift in their mindset that helps them achieve more and still enjoy life at the same time.”
  • “Things like not having enough leads, dealing with too much competition in your market, or not being able to get enough movers can all be tough situations that can impact your ability to charge forward and grow your business. But having the correct mindset will allow you to make the right decisions that will overcome those challenges and allow you to lead your company to higher levels.”
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