5 Steps for Moving Companies to Resolve Customer Complaints

It's How You Deal With Your Complaints That Matters.

Anyone in the moving business can tell you that as hard as you try to make every customer happy, there will still be some complaints that slip through the cracks. Anything from being late to damaging furniture to everything in between, the moving business is prone to complaints. It’s not always bad that you get a complaint here and there, it’s how you deal with those complaints that will determine your customer’s satisfaction and your company’s success. Here are 5 steps for moving companies to resolve complaints.

5 steps for moving companies to resolve complaints:

  1. Don’t take it personal – When a customer has a complaint they may not always handle themselves in a professional or civil manner. They may yell and scream at you and your staff and not be the most polite. As a business owner, you have to accept that as part of being in business and dealing with the public. They are obviously going through a stressful time.
  2. Seek to understand – Listen to what they have to say and seek to understand what the real problem is. Many times they may call with a list of complaints, but after letting them talk and asking questions you can discover that there may only be one little problem that is easy to fix.
  3. Be timely and responsive – When you first find out about the complaint, you should try to resolve it as quickly as possible. There will also be times when you need to look into what happened with your staff and will need to follow up with your customer. Make sure that you call them back whenever you said you would call them back. Even if you don’t have an answer yet for them, be responsive and call them back.
  4. Resolve the complaint – This might seem obvious, but you may not always be able to resolve a complaint where the customer is satisfied with the resolution. The idea is that you don’t want it to linger. So first try to resolve it with your customer being happy but if you can’t, you still have to decide what you are going to do and close the file.
  5. Correct internally – Complaints can be a great opportunity to see where you need improvement and what can be changed in your company. After every complaint, always ask “ what could we have done better, what could we have done differently, who needs more training and what adjustments need to be made to our process”?

Having a complaint resolution process in your company will really help make complaints easier to deal with. No one wants to deal with complaints, but they happen. The better prepared you are with a standard way of dealing with them, the quicker you can resolve the issue for your customer and get back to business as usual.

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