Top Moving Lead Providers for Moving Companies

The Top 4 and Other Good Lead Providers


In my past posts, you’ve heard me talk about moving leads and how I’m a believer in buying leads from third-party moving lead providers. I realize that they don’t convert as well as leads from your website, PPC campaigns, direct email or any other form of marketing — but they can still be profitable. So who are the top moving lead providers for moving companies?

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Think Like A Millionaire Mover

Believe You Can Get To The Next Level


Success in the moving business is part mechanics, what to do and how to do it, and part mindset. What you believe about yourself and your company will play a big role in your ability to succeed at a high level. If you feel like this business is difficult and you can’t make any money, then guess what’s going to happen. You’re probably not going to make any money. If you want to be successful in the moving business, start thinking like a millionaire mover. Continue reading…

Top 5 Moving Company Marketing Principles

A Timeless Foundation For Managing Your Marketing


Marketing is always a hot topic for moving company owners. The questions I get on a regular basis are “what are the best lead sources for moving companies?” or “if you were starting your moving company all over again, what would be the number one area you would spend your marketing budget on?” I understand the desire to know the answers to these questions, the problem is what works today may not work tomorrow. Instead, I believe the focus should be on timeless moving company marketing principles.

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Diversify Your Moving Company’s Marketing

Part 2

Earlier this year, Yelp made a change to their algorithm which left a lot of moving companies in a bad position. This unexpected change caused hundreds of moving companies to lose 4 and 5-star reviews that were on their page. Some of these companies were paying $10,000 – $20,000 per month to advertise with Yelp. What do you think happened after they lost these reviews? Continue reading…

Buy Moving Leads and Book More Moves

Why Moving Leads Should Be Treated Differently Than Your Other Marketing

Moving Leads… do you love them or hate them? I speak to a lot of moving company owners and there are mixed reviews on moving leads. I believe that moving leads are an important part of your overall marketing plan. You just have to treat them differently than the rest of your marketing. In this week’s episode, I share with you why I believe moving companies should buy moving leads and how to approach them so that they maximize their return on investment. Continue reading…

Is Brokering Moves Illegal?

Interstate Moving Brokers Can and Are Held Civilly and Criminally Liable

Is brokering moves illegal? If you’re a moving broker, have ever considered becoming a broker or your moving company works with brokers there are some important facts that you need to be aware of. Although brokering moves itself is not illegal, there are many actions of the broker that can be illegal. As a moving broker or a carrier who works with brokers, it’s crucial to understand the details of these laws.

In the book: Interstate Moving – Consumer Protection and Legal Compliance Guide, moving industry attorney Michael Garcia writes about all laws and regulations for interstate moving companies. In the book, he also outlines all of the laws and regulations that apply to moving brokers and the carriers that work with them. Continue reading…

Moving Company CRM Software Benefits

Plus a List of Moving Company CRM Software Companies

I’m really surprised how many moving companies out there are not using a moving company CRM software to run their business. CRM which stands for customer relationship management is a software designed to keep your business organized. In the moving business, there are many moving parts so it’s crucial that you have a centralized place for all your customer’s information. So if you’re on the fence about getting a moving company CRM software, here are 10 benefits that will help you decide. Continue reading…

7 Pillars of Moving Company Marketing Success

Where You Should Focus When It Comes To Marketing

With so many things to focus on when running your moving company, it’s helpful to have a set of guiding principles or “pillars” to remind you what’s important for each department. Marketing is no different. The problem is that marketing is constantly changing, what works today may not work tomorrow. That’s why I created a list of the key areas and where you should focus when dealing with marketing for my moving companies. Here’s my list, 7 Pillars of Moving Company Marketing Success. Continue reading…

Misconceptions About Sales By Moving Companies

What Your Customers Really Want

Selling is a crucial piece of any business. Without a consistent flood of new customers, your business will constantly be struggling to survive. The problem is some people have the wrong idea about sales and what it means to have an effective sales operation in their moving company. In this post, I’m addressing four misconceptions about sales by moving companies. It’s important to have a good relationship with sales and how it relates to your company.

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