Moving Sucks!

Create A Better Moving Experience For Your Customers


As a moving company, it’s easy to overlook the fact that moving is not a fun event for your customers. It can be one of the most stressful things they do in their life and quite frankly, moving sucks! What can you do to make the moving experience “suck less” for your customers?

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BBB Accreditation For Moving Companies?

Is The Better Business Bureau Still Relevant?

With so many modern-day review platforms like Yelp, Google, Facebook and moving reviews to monitor to keep your reputation polished, is BBB accreditation for moving companies still relevant?

When I started my first moving company in 2000, if a customer had a complaint they filed it with the Better Business Bureau — the BBB. When we received a complaint it was a big deal and something we worked to resolve ASAP. Nowadays, I hear moving company owners say: “the BBB is old school, no one goes there to look at moving companies anymore”. I disagree.

Although it might not be the only game in town anymore when it comes to customers filing a complaint, the BBB is still very relevant for moving companies and something you need to pay attention to. Continue reading…

Run a Tight Local Moving Operation

It All Starts With The Way You Dispatch Your Moving Crews

I’ve always said there is a thin line between losing money and making a ton of money in the moving business. As a moving company owner, you can’t afford to run a loose operation, there are too many opportunities for money that should turn into profit to slip through your hands. One of the best ways I know to increase profitability is to run a tight local moving operation. It all starts with the way you dispatch your moving crews. Continue reading…

How To Handle Storage In Your Moving Company

6 Steps To Create A Lucrative Storage Business

Moving and storage go hand-in-hand. Typically, anyone who is moving into storage will be moving as well. As a moving company, it can be very lucrative to have storage as a revenue stream for your business. In this week’s episode, I share with you how to handle storage in your moving company.

At each of my locations throughout the US, we also had a warehouse where we offered storage. These different locations had between 300 and 650 vaults that we were billing $65 per month, per vault. When you are billing out numbers like that, you can pay a lot of your monthly bills just from your storage revenue.

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Positive Reviews, “Cheap Customers” & Charging Movers For Damage?

Focus On The Cause Of The Problems, Not The Effect

I recently received a question from a moving company owner on Facebook that I felt was really important for me to share with you. His question was: ”I have a quick question. Since I’m working on gaining more positive reviews, what is the best way to solve these issues? Number one, the damages, like scratches that the movers did and, number two, how to handle cheap customers that were expecting to get the move done in three hours, but it took six hours, and then they’re complaining about how long it took and asking for a huge discount,” he said. Continue reading…

How To Deal With Negative Online Reviews

Keep Your Customers Happy and Protect Your Reputation

As hard as you try to do a great job for your customers, you may still end up with a negative online review here and there. How you deal with that review will determine your customer’s satisfaction and your company’s online reputation. In this week’s episode, I share with you 5 steps to deal with negative online reviews so they don’t damage your company’s reputation. Continue reading…

Mover Recruiting Process [Download]

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) For Hiring Movers

Movers are the most important part of your business. Without great movers performing the moves, all your sales and marketing efforts will be irrelevant. You also don’t want the lack of good movers to be the reason you can’t scale your business. It’s important to have a mover recruiting process as a standard operating procedure. When you need to hire movers to handle your increased workload, you can’t waste time. You need a step by step process to get it done quickly and efficiently.  Continue reading…

Paying Movers: 1099 Contractor or W-2 Employee

Don't Risk Misclassifying Your Movers

Should your movers be paid as W-2 Employees or as 1099 Independent Contractors? It depends. It all starts with the relationship between you as the company and the mover. There is a difference between an employer/employee relationship and a company/contractor relationship. In this video, I share with you the determining factors for paying movers 1099 or w-2. Continue reading…

Is Brokering Moves Illegal?

Interstate Moving Brokers Can and Are Held Civilly and Criminally Liable

Is brokering moves illegal? If you’re a moving broker, have ever considered becoming a broker or your moving company works with brokers there are some important facts that you need to be aware of. Although brokering moves itself is not illegal, there are many actions of the broker that can be illegal. As a moving broker or a carrier who works with brokers, it’s crucial to understand the details of these laws.

In the book: Interstate Moving – Consumer Protection and Legal Compliance Guide, moving industry attorney Michael Garcia writes about all laws and regulations for interstate moving companies. In the book, he also outlines all of the laws and regulations that apply to moving brokers and the carriers that work with them. Continue reading…